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Default Natural Coals and Ashing

This is probably a really stupid question, but it's been bugging me. I had been using QL's up until recently, and one of the reasons I decided to switch to Nats is that I swear I read somewhere that only 15% of the coal, or less, turns to ash. I thought this would be great for smoking indoors, less ash to potentially spill. So there I am with my box of CH coals last night, and used 5 throughout the whole session. I swear there was more ash there than the sizes of the coals to begin with. Sure enough, it spilled all over as well. Am I imagining that I read this somewhere, or am I doing something wrong. I expected there to be ~15% ash, and a useless chunk sitting there at the end. I still love the naturals much more than the QL's, but this has me wondering.
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