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Default Re: Fans of Tangiers.

Hopefully you'll get to enjoy a good session one day Samb! It really is an amazing smoke. Has a great buzz and amazing flavor without being candyish. Strawberry and Watermelon are generally hard flavors in any tobacco brand, so it's not surprising to me they were weak compared to other more in your face flavors.

Back on topic, I've recently begun using the 4/20 acclimation method. Open for 4 hours (preferrably during the time you smoke), stirring once per hour and then sealed for 20 hours.

Caveat: Do not let strong Tangiers flavors acclimate next to each other. In my opinion, this can possibly impart some of the scent to the weaker flavor. This was my experience with K Peach and Horchata a while back...i had them acclimating with the containers touching.
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