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Default Re: Still can't decide.....Nammor or KM ?

Originally Posted by SaraAE01 View Post
So, I am somewhat new to the hookah experience. I've been smokng out of a crappy chinese pumpkin hookah for about a year and just now discovered the entire world behind a truly good smoke. I own a Mya Bambino right now and I want to upgrade. So the question remains....which one? I have pretty much narrowed it down to two brands, a Nammor hookah from hookah-shisha or a KM. I've heard the KMs are better but how much better? Do the ice chiller things on the KM's really cool the smoke? Whats the true difference? I want as much details as possible before I put out the cash to go ahead and get one. I want looks and good smoke..... I dont want to have to settle. So somebody please tell me the right one to choose!
KM dude so much better huge gauge stems and yes the chillers work very well. KM ALL THE WAY!!
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