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Default Re: Mate coming from America...what should i order?

Originally Posted by PCServe View Post
bringing it through the customs control at the airport is like playing roulette you may win or you may lose. if they get him, he has to pay taxes, fees AND a very high fine (price with fine - at least here in germany - for 250g Starbuzz will be around 60) or they will take all the tobacco and throw it away. chances are 50:50, but it is still illegal!
no, post is more risky. the EU law says, that you can get 50g of tobacco by mail from a country outside the European Union.

but i dont want to give you any tips on how to avoid taxes. it is illegal either way.

coolio. let me see what he says and il go from there. fccuk sakes


do you know of any good sites in the EU to get flavour from ?

il just get him to bring me back some KM's and myas
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