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Default Re: Thought I would mess around a bit

bought a 50g once, blegh... still have about 30g left... packed one bowl and just couldn't finish it. we made it about 10 minutes i guess, kinda felt like i was smoking mulch. sure the clouds were huge, but they'd be huge if i lit a big handful of damp mulch on fire.
see... we ran out of shisha tobacco, and the only option locally that day (AF source was closed for like a week around christmas holiday) was hydro and *cringe* al-waha. we were a little desperate i guess, so we bought 50g of both. tried to smoke them separately, even tried mixing them... was really hoping for some kinda magical tobacco alchemy or something. anyway, 2 wrongs just don't make a right. in this case anyway.
since then, we've been sure to plan ahead and i'll never waste my money there again
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