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Default Re: Can you tell me what this is?

Originally Posted by Hajo Flettner View Post
What is worth keeping in mind is that Ager mearly distibutes stuff from other makers and they don't have in house design as far I know. The mainstem shown at the begining of thread certainly looks like typical, modern modern style, mass produced Syrian rigs which you can buy anywhere in Syria. I doubt they are imported to Syria since the country is very much oppossed to free trade and anything not made there is priced out of the market. As to the stuff on the site, well it looks junky and they could very well be Chinese. The Agers that I had a while ago bore a strong resemlence to the mainstem in the opening thread but they clearly said on the box product of Syria. The different purge valve gives some suspicions. Truthly I can't be sure of starbuzzin33's rig is from Syria but since it seems to have a closed common style smoke chamber and it looks like Ager branded Syrian products that would be my guess. I can't recall seeing a Chinese rig with a closed common chamber before so that effects my thinking.

On the other hand, my Agers dated from a few years prior to when company on the site said it was formed so perhaps it was a matter of the company changing hands or being reformed and, as a result, changing suppliers.

Lastly, as time goes on people find out designs and practices from other countries so a lot of foriegn ideas wind up drifting from country to country. As an example one will occasionally see multi-piece, cast mainsteams made in Iran or Egypt when until recently that was never the case. Like wise, the rounded outer shape of smoke chambers used to only be seen on Chinese rigs but in the last several years they have popped up everwhwere as a result as the trend towards single piece cast, rather then drawn, mainsteams. In Syria, Lebanon and Iran it's gotten to be common to see the use of Egyptian style bowls and floating trays so it's not as easy to tell what's what as it was 10 years ago.

So the bottom line is that i'd say it's mostly likely a mass produced Syrian product branded as an Ager but I could be wrong.
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