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Default Re: What Sheesha Is This?

Originally Posted by Hajo Flettner View Post
I seems to be a well made Egyptian and unless you can read what the Arabic on the tray says I doubt you'll know what it is for sure. Truthfully I don't think it matters much since numerous Egytpian brands are as well built as KM.
Indeed, that's exactly what matters. It seems to be a well made massive brass, quality Egyptian pipe. And, we should bear in mind that BRANDS are not that important. Of course, since they were introduced thousands of years ago, they fullfill their role, they inform costumers about the maker or seller who guarantees a given level of quality... Now, for Hookahs, until "Shishamania" developed in Western countries, and particularly until the American market surged (about 10 years ago), brands almost did'nt exist. Buyers went to the specialised sector of the souk, and for good pipes, choose the elements (as we used to do a couple of decades ago with Hi Fi equipment) one by one: You choose a quality stem, looking at the average quality, and particularly at the weldings (to make sure there were no leaks), then you choose a nice Bohemian vase, a nice hoose, and some clay bowls... There are in fact many other well made pipes besides KMs... Then, today as decades ago, many components are made by different workshops and then assembled by the factory or workshop selling a given brand...
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