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Default Re: Can you tell me what this is?

Originally Posted by Coyotero View Post
Interesting thoughts as always Hajo, very informative.

However, looking over their site I've got to say that these look so totally typical of the chinese pipes we used to carry at the lounge I worked at.

Edit: No idea how reliable this information is, but according to Alibaba they're coming out of India:
Indeed, as far as I know the brand AGER is partly owned by the NAKHLA Group, partly by Indian enterprises. The Hookahs they sell under that brand "AGER" are either ordinary Egyptians (similar to the ALADIN, which are common in Spain and Germany, and distributed by the same people who distributes NAKHLA molasses) or chinese made, of an average quality (I own one) roughly equivalent to MITSUBA, but which does'nt seem to come from the same factory as MITSUBA's. These chinese made AGER (usually small to medium) hookahs are of better quality than the lowest price chinese, having no plastic parts, as do the cheapests. But not as good as the MYA. Decent for a Chinese, but I would'nt pay too much for such a rig... I prefer stems with a single main tube made of copper...
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