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Angry Bad Vendor Experience

(If this would be more appropriate for the Vendor Review Section I'm sorry I went back and forth and back and forth on where to put this, and if it's to brutal or something along those lines, sorry, I've kept my lips shut long enough)

Alright So I'm not normally the one to get irritated with Vendors, but this week has really sent me through a fiery loop. And this doesn't just start with one Vendor OH NO! BUT TWO!

The first Vendor, I love this vendor, I have ordered from them countless of times, but now I'm not so sure.
On Saturday 16th April 2010 I placed my order excitedly, over 2kg of Nakhla and some JM's (just to try), and 3kg of coconara coals. Here's were it gets fun people. First off I waited and WAITED, watching the status of my order stay at a Constant "Pre-Authorized" status. So it's Tuesday At this point, a matter of days, is normally very prompt and would have shipped it out on monday. But NO!. So I send them a very concerned e-mail. And several hours later I receive and e-mail saying that they didn't have my nakhla in stock and that it would be in at the end of the week. and they will no longer be getting any JM's


They tell me they can adjust my order if I want and give the refund accordingly, SO, I tell them to just screw all the tobacco and just send the coals (which is what I really needed anyways). So now it's FRIDAY! And NOTHING has changed. I'm starting to get this sinking feeling their putting it off till they get the nakhla in and then asking if I still want it, NO I DON'T!
Several e-mails later since Tuesday and I haven't even gotten a response.
This Vendor normally has great customer service.
I'm Pissed.

The second Tier to my Ice Cream Cone of Pissed Off., I was thrilled to be trying some DM, almost orgasmic!
Well the order on that is fine, everything SHOULD be correct.
But here's where the Giant Cheese log rolls through your tiny dreams.
I ordered the DM's on the SAME DAY as I ordered through
On Tuesday as well, I'm starting to wonder, hmmm what's going on here, no change of status, no e-mails as to if it's been sent off, just another 46 dollars out of my bank account. So another e-mail later they finally send me my invoice and tracking number.
Except there's only one tinsie tiny problem.
They sent it to the wrong address.
Yup, and mind you I went over my order probably over 1000 times to make sure I put in the correct SHIPPING address, but no, no error on my part, every thing is as clear as my monitor can show me.
So I investigate on the UPS website how to change the destination of my package, and guess what!
A ray of hope shines!
All they have to do is use UPS intercept features and re-route the package! (there is a fee to change this, but i figure if they mess up my address they can pay for their mistakes) HORAH! ........not.
I as a receiver cannot change it, they have to do it.
So probably over 5 e-mails later.
My Package is now in Kentucky "Out for Delivery" to house I no longer live in.
And not so much as an e-mail to acknowledge that I'm alive on this wonderful planet.

Next step phone calls, but I'm so pissed off at this point that I dunno if I'll be able to stay civil.

I love my vendors, and I'm heartbroken that one that I respect and a new one that I've heard only good things about would be jerking my chain.

I hope and pray that none of this happens to any other member, it's stressful, and this is MY money I'm talking about.

At this point, I just want my money back for everything.

That is the end of my tale.

Smoke Happy Hookahpro.
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