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Default Re: Bad Vendor Experience

Originally Posted by Xanhonestpuckx View Post
Oh god I wish. I wouldn't be able to keep my hands off the product,lol. But seriously, just give him a call, see what he has to say, he really does care about the customer, he may have just misread something is all
What I'm mostly ticked off about is Thehookah it's not normal, unless they've changed int he past few months, and i do honestly feel like they're going to try to get me to get the nakhla so they don't have to refund me so much.
It's just this sinking feeling in my gut, and normally it's right.

I'll call Him after work, i'm to steamed because of thehookah to be civil, I want to give them both a fair chance, but i'm so fired up I might do something dumb haha.
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