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Default Re: SS Mobster Help...

Originally Posted by kawika219 View Post
thanks for the help guys. i tried it again and got more flavor out of it, but its still not "this stuff is awesome 10/10" like i have seen people say. I also tried the lemon and set the bowl up well and THAT was in your face flavor. If the mobster was to smoke like the lemon the rating would be through the roof. I'm thinking maybe my batch of mobster wasn't the greatest
Perhaps you got a bad batch, or perhaps your taste buds just aren't receptive to that particular range of flavor. Different people taste things differently, right?

Try making a homemade mouthtip for your hose and see if that increases the flavor. I've noticed that Coco Nara's tips spread the smoke equally over the tongue, giving weak flavors more presence.

But those are expensive, so you might want to experiment with shutting your lips tight around the hose to give it some restriction and sticking your tongue close to the mouth piece while you inhale smoke.
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