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Default Re: lung capacity determines how much smoke is produced

But I don't think lung capacity determines the thickness of smoke.. a lot of it is technique. I am able to create much bigger clouds on the same amount of smoke versus my friends. From what I can tell my technique is a slow long draw because a rapid pull doesn't necessitate more smoke. Then for exhale I think is where the trick is. I let out an initial gale which is mostly clean air from my mouth followed by the smoke from my lungs through the air that I already created a gust in. It is not forced much more than a normal exhale if at all. I think some of it is how you position your lips as well but hats trial an error I guess. I know that I am direction the air on some level but then again you shouldn't be trying to blow up a balloon.

I will agree that it seems like much more smoke when you let the smoke trickle out of your mouth past your eyes. But for clouds that is what I do.

EDIT: My droid's T9 hates me.. bear with it. :P

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