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Default Re: Bad Vendor Experience

Originally Posted by DRMALIKIA View Post
"My Package is now in Kentucky "Out for Delivery" to house I no longer live in."

Have you ordered from them before? If not, then why did they have your old address?

Kamal needs to be called, email is not his priority.

Also he hand makes the stuff so do not expect it to just leap off the shelf and into a box. I would rather wait longer, get great fresh tobacco, then have it nasty and not done right. I was concerned as well because I did not hear anything for 4 days. He is so frigging swamped right now it is not even funny. He messed up my order as well but made amends and will be hooking me up on my next purchase.

Patients grasshopper.
it was a BILLING address, PNC is a funny little thing as of now and still hasn't updated my billing address, but to be honest it's kind of a good thing, because when i tried to put my current address into the Billing address to avoid confusion my card was declined because the information did not match with my card, so props with having an identity theft deterant.
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