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Default Re: Bad Vendor Experience

The Hookah is not my cup of tea. I helped out my friend and he wanted a 2 hose KM tri metal 29". For some reason Hookah Store didn't have it and we used The Hookah. It came in damaged on the part where the tray sits so you couldn't see it really when the tray was on but it was a significant chunk of metal missing and they wanted me to pay to ship it back to them. The box it came in was perfect and it was in the box secure and wrapped and there is no way that this didn't ship from them like this and the fact that they shipped this like this really shows a lack of quality control. Well my friend did not want to pay to send it back, he wanted to smoke it so I said if we keep it could you do something with the price or send something to make up for the problem since it would have been not able to be sold again and they were not sending it back to Egypt for a refund so I thought that was a nice thing we were willing to keep it damaged as it was. I took pictures of the box, pictures of the hookah and damage and sent it to them and no reply, called and they said send more pictures which I did, no reply. I called they said they didn't get them, I sent them again, they said they got them and would be in touch, no reply. I called and again they said they had to discuss it further and would get back to me, no reply. I am still waiting 8 months later for a reply and my friend didn't care and I was getting myself worked up for what? I said the hell with them and that was the only order they have ever got from me and ever will. To me they stink and even in the beginning they never were good with communication so it was a learning experience for me on my friends dime. I would not order anything from them ever. If they took your money knowing they didn't have the Nakhla in stock and didn't notify you which I believe you that they didn't I would not wait and get a refund but at this point in time I'm sure it's all rectified but I don't like the way they handled it and again should do something to make up for the trouble to you. Very simple, you place an order the Web site should be up to date with what's in stock and not. They should notify you immediatly if it's not and offer to ship what is in stock and give you choice to wait or not for what's out of stock. They should send you a conformation as soon as the order is placed and it should ship within two days and an email with the tracking number should be sent immediately to you, that's for any vendor. If they don't do this and you have to chase your order in any way that's not right. Also any vendor that does not return emails within a day should not be dealt with and I notice a lot of people are hesitant to call, I think the second something isn't right call immediately.
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