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Default Re: Scared to try Tangiers!

Originally Posted by ariberns View Post
I have a question to add to this. The lucid line acclimates easier, i conclude that from statement after statement of this. Its also less of a buzz. My question is, when most people decide to try tangiers, isn't it particularly for the buzz?
is it because tangiers makes a superior product?
Is the lucid line as good as the noir?
How does the lucid line compare to similarly strengthen tobaccos?
Sorry to add so many questions to this thread, but the responses got me very curious.
Much of the following that tangiers has is because of the buzz factor.
I believe that they make a good product that is middle of the road regarding price.
The lucid line is different. it depends on what you want from your session.
What do you mean by "How does the lucid line compare to similarly strengthen tobaccos?"

Do you mean in regards to nicotine content? It's low to medium depending on the blend. Some seem stronger than others. Most are similar to AF I'd say.
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