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Default Re: Scared to try Tangiers!

Originally Posted by Zero View Post
I'm currently residing in Tucson,Az atm and I haven't had any problems with acclimation any place I've lived. That includes Az, Nv, Japan, and Thailand. Tangiers is my fav. period. Occasionally your first bowl you go for might be a bit soon, but you'll now that once you heat it up. But then you're probably only an hour or so off form it being ready. You can kinda go by the smell of the shisha. The aroma of the flavor will start to come outmore as it acclimates (most flavors). Once you get the full aroma poppin fromthe container its probably time to give it a go. It's true there's alot of brands out there that don't require an acclimation process, and they're good too,But every brand have a certain "feel" to them, it wouldn't hurt to expand your horizons and give it a try. Just be patient until you get the feel for it.

Hmm last note (lol): I would definetly say start with their lucid brand if your still sketchy on the process. Almost no acclimation, hell of alot less buzz, but still good quality flavor and smoke.

I live in Tucson also. So what is your acclimating process?
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