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Default On the Road Again With the EO/ESB Crew

Right now Iím in the middle of a hectic touring bit with bands Escape Velocity Bardo & Ethereal Omega with my chum Adam (some of you know him) helping out on and off stage so I am keeping busy. Right now Iím in Tallin and will be playing in a bit so time going fast. Iíll be in Turku before long and Iíll have a couple of stories about up shortly including the second weirdest balloon & narghile story Iíve got and getting into an auto accident in a narghile outfitted bus and having to deal with the local cops.

Remember to say no to anything that you can smoke that doesnít have a good tobacco flavour and say no to drinking Sahti with eggs in it after eating a kilo of chile relleno covered with curry! Oh, and never trust a penguin with a narghile!
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