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Default Re: Copper or aluminium hookah ?

Originally Posted by Coyotero View Post
Copper makes a fantastic stem. It diffuses heat very well which helps cool the smoke.

Copper bowl sounds like a stupid idea. Copper can become toxic if it gets too hot.
copper is poisonous if its too hot? this is news to me and ive been working with copper for a solid 2 years in school and worked with it before school and never gotten one warning about over heating copper, now zinc and lead ya but i dont see how copper could be bad unless you get it to boil off which is very very hot.

as to copper vs AL. copper patinas over time and is naturally anti bacterial AL gains a layer of al oxide and stops corroding pretty fast but the layer comes off very easily usually (at least on some of the simple alloys) if the al is anodized then it is sealed and is much more durable... however heating AL can really mess with the temper

realistically, there probably is very little difference in functionality for a hookah, the AL's temper is more temperamental (no pun intended) but the copper might be softer, for hookah use its not really an issue

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