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Default Re: Scared to try Tangiers!

Originally Posted by photolinger View Post
ALthough not there right now, my current home is in El Paso, TX. Its not like most of west texas, because it actually has some elevation to it due to the franklin mountains. However, it is much like west texas in that its hot, and dry. Sounds like we have some similar conditions. I will tell you this, when I smoked Tangiers near Dallas, it wasn't so bad, when I smoked it in Atlanta, it wasnt so bad, but when I smoke it in El paso, there's basically no hope for the stuff, its too touchy to bother with. That's why I gave up on noir personally and went for lucid.

Some may say noir is where its at, but honestly, why? You get the same flavor on lucid every time, it doesnt ever taste like soy sauce or worcestershire or bbq or any other thing that belongs on meat and not tobacco. And, it still packs a decent hit of nicotine.

Pay the extra dollar, save yourself the time, hassle, and cookout flavors.
He should atleast give it a shot with noir because it's cheaper.
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