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Hey guys,

Brand new member here. So I just bought a relatively cheap 18" hookah on Ebay ($30), just to get the hobby started. After reading through reviews and watching some of SamB's youtube videos I've bought some AF and Starbuzz flavors to try (SB Blue Mist, AF caffe lattes, grape w/ mint, pineapple).

I started with 3Kings coals, but I couldn't help but get that chemical/charcoal taste from them. So, after reading your reviews about CH and Coconara coals, I decided to buy a 1 KG CH box and am awaiting their arrival in the mail along with my new Nammor hose.

My next upgrade I think will be a bowl (phunnel or vortex)? How important is a new bowl for my setup?...I feel like I'm off to a decent start, let me know what you guys think!!

Thanks and glad to be aboard.

P.S. Should the Nammor hose fit ok with my hookah? Anything to be concerned about?
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