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Default Re: Best tabaco brand ?

As a fellow Mexican resident I'm pretty sure your options are narrowed to Nakhla and Al Fakher as you can get them in any smoke shop. There are some other brands if you go searching around the city (I'm supposing your from Mexico City) but I'm not sure if I would recommend any of them as they may be very old or insanely expensive. I've got a growing stash of shisha that I've slowly imported for some time. PM me if you want to have a session together. Also there is an excellent and super friendly hookah pro member, rgallego, that also lives in Mexico City. He's your best bet for any question you might have, as he helped me get the hang of all the small details. I've been planning to meet him so many times so it would be fun if the three of us had the Hookah Pro Mexico meet up lol.
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