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Default Re: Recent Purchases

Welcome to Hookah Pro! Your nammor should fit fine in your hookah. A vortex or funnel bowl are a great addition to your hookah. Many people will tell you vortex over funnel or vice versa. Both are excellent bowls and I recommend them to you. Egyptian bowls are a standard bowl with most hookahs and are great also. Wetter tobaccos work best with the vortex or funnel that way the juice doesnt go down your stem.
You may be getting a chemical/coal taste from your coals because they might not be fully ashed over before you place them on your bowl. Be sure that they are completely white with NO black to them at all before using them. See if that makes a difference till your new coals arrive. Same tip will apply to your new coals to btw.
Hope you enjoy your stay here and be sure to read our rules.
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