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Default Re: Recent Purchases

Seems like you took startup a step further than I.
Starbuzz is super popular, great clouds, great flavors.
3K is my coal of choice, but you have to wait until it's fully lit until you start using it. I wont even let it touch my foil unless it's done sparking.

And a new bowl is a good step to take. Im guessing you got a standard egyptian bowl of sorts when you got your hookah. It is fine for general use, but I'd recommend getting a vortex. Funnel bowls are good, but from what i've read/experienced, vortex bowls are slightly better because you really need a lot of tobacco to have a funnel work as well as it should. Also, issues with the foil pulling down into the center hole are nonexistent with vortex.

My vortex bowl made my sessions much MUCH better. Habits i picked up within the past few months are using two coals at one time, opposite sides of the bowl, and doubling my foil. Seems to burn the tobacco MUCH smoother.
These bowls are meant for wetter tobaccos such as the starbuzz, to keep the wetness from entering the stem itself. Gross.

also, remember to clean the hell out of that guy! i've noticed that smaller hookahs pick up a bit more buildup than bigger ones.
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