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Default Re: Electric Hot Plate

Haha don't worry about the Walgreens comments, it's cool. I used to live in Virginia before we moved to the UK and we had a huge Walmart/Sam's Club there. But then I went to Florida 2 years ago and went into a Walgreens for the first time. Gotta say Walgreens ROCKS Probably sounds hilarious because they must be so common in the US but that store had everything in it. My girlfriend at the time bought some migraine tablets from there and she swore by em!
Anyway, crazy Brit rant over haha..
My gas stove is set up in such a way that I have to put some gauze above the flame to light my coals. There's nothing to rest the coals on other than the gauze and small wood blocks I rest it on. Otherwise, my stove would be ruined by the coal. It takes over 30 mins sometimes to get a decent light from a coal using this method so 15 mins would be a breeze.
I even bought a mini-blowtorch off ebay to try and save some gas money. You guys should have seen me with this thing, when I unboxed the torch it was so tiny. It took me over 50 mins to light 2 coals - haha! I just know that I'll be looking back on that in a few years laughing my head off.

Thanks guys
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