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Default Re: Copper or aluminium hookah ?

Originally Posted by glostersa View Post
The one company I do IT support for does wire drawing with copper rods to make copper Cables in the drawing process copper dust is released this is toxic if inhaled in large quantities signs of copper poisoning is your hair and nails turn green and normaly they prescribe milk to help leech the toxin from your system. Copper has been used in Cooking for ages and no human has contracted copper poisoning from using copper pots and pans (heat is more intense that in a Hookah bowl)
heating copper to the temps that would be in a hookah bowl dont break it down though like running it through drawing dies, the process of drawing down the copper abrades it and caused the dust. pretty much anything is bad if you consume to much of it but a lot of metals are needed to function (iirc the average adult male has enough iron in their body to make a nail).

unless the bowl or hookah starts getting large amounts of the metal disappearing you probably will not have an isse
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