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Default Reccommendations for the gf! Help :/

So My gf, obviously not wanted to think fo herself, has asked me to find flavors she would like. Have mind readers been invented yet? Anyway this is what I know, any help would be awesome.

-she'd probably like natural tasting flavors(meaning closer to the actual thing) for naturally sweet fruits. Strawberry, watermelon, etc. I know the natural flavors of that kind of stuff tend to be really hit or miss. So I want to know what the best of the best is.

-she's not a huge fan of a buzz, so nak or tangiers is kinda out of the question, although she did kinda enjoy nak cinnamon I had before it really Kicked in.

-she might like a few "candy flavors". Not super candy but just that "mmm that kinda tastes like candy" if you know what I mean :/

really the only shisha she likes is fumari mint choclate chill. So I don't really know where to start haha.

I have af mint and orange and banana. She's not a huge fan of the mint or banana but I think a more natural orange might be her fansy. She might like a good apple, but defintaley not a dbl apple.

Help pls *wimper*
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