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Default Re: Yuck in the base

Originally Posted by ariberns View Post
would ash float or sink?
whatever i have sinks.
Sounds like an episode of mythbusters waiting to happen lol ”Does ash float or sink?”

Jokes aside, in my experience there are only a few things that end up in the base at the end of a session.

1. Small pieces of tobacco
2. Moassel juice
3. Residual particles built up in the stem
4. Ash

If you are using a phunnel/vortex the first two are unlikely. So that leaves the last two and if your pipe is relatively clean that leaves ash. I’m not sure if ash sinks or swims to be honest but to control the variables before your next smoke, try cleaning the stem with a stem brush and make smaller holes in the foil to reduce the amount of ash that could get through. If still have the particles in the water take the pipe to the hookah doctor lol.

Hope that helps.
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