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Default Natural Coals.

As most of you know, Natural Coals are supposedly praised for their "No Smell When Lighting", and "No Taste Added". It's all over the Exotica Boxes, the Coco-Nara boxes.

On H-S, you can read the descriptions of all the Natural Coals. "Very Clean, Enhances the Taste of Your Tobacco". Yet, when i had Exotica problems, i talked to H-S and was told that "All Natural Coals give off a smell when lighting and some taste when using them". ON the Exotica box it says the exact opposite. False Advertisement? Maybe. I have not once had a box of Exoticas NOT smell while lighting them. They always smell like burning charcoal and it makes me sick to my stomach. As for the taste while using them, i did ans experiment. They don't smell when fully lit, i will give them that. I had been using Golden QL on a bowl, they add no flavor. I proceeded to switch the coals with Exoticas. One of my friends, who has never used natural coals, says "Wow, i can really taste the wood flavor!". Those exact words. I couldn't taste it so much, i had been using them for months.

Now, Coco-Nara. They smell almost WORSE when lighting them. The heavy sent lingers for 10 minutes after they are fully lit. No one can even hit because they are afraid of the coal taste. I can't get myself to start it up because my stomach is saying "No Way".

I have never heard anyone (who is experienced) say anything about this. The only time i have heard anything is during the whole Exotica Problem. But i get them with every single Nat. coal i light.
Are people just not admitting it? Am i the only one who gets a sickening smell?
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