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Default Re: hookah in public places?

It's already been answered for you here but i may as well reiterate.

So long as you are not in a smoke free zone, are smoking only legal hookah products, are of age, are not supplying it to anyone under age and are abiding by all city and state laws about distance from certain building then there is no problem.

If you are questioned about it's legality explain calmly how it is only tobacco and is not illegal in any way. Keep your tobacco with you so that you can prove it's just that. If a cop asks you to pack up and move along or empty the bowl to prove it's just tobacco then I suggest doing so without questioning it. One lost bowl of tobacco and some charcoal is better than them taking or breaking your hookah. Yes there have been some horror stories about (unlawful) confiscation without return and smashing of glass because some cops felt they were justified.
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