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Default Bowl/Coal question?

Hey! I just signed up for the forums, read the rules, and searched as much as I could for my question, but only seemed to get the same irrelevant posts, so here goes!

Just recently ordered my Nammor Oasis hookah, nammor hose, coconara coals, and vortex bowl. Call me over critical but I did a lot of research before I made my first official hookah purchase, and all of those seemed to get high reviews, not to mention hookah-shisha.coms AMAZING customer service.

So anyways, I got my order in today, set up my hookah, played around with water level (which is still a mystery), air-tightness and such. Finally packed a bowl, lit up two coconaras and tried to pull. I was using Starbuzz, which I heard gets amazing thick smoke, and was getting wimpy smoke that kinda looked like you were breathing out in the cold air. I have no idea how to properly light a coconara, as I've only used three kings QL coals before. I dont know if the coals weren't hot enough or what. I'm kinda panicking, for no reason im sure, but I just cant seem to get that perfect pull, like what I've experienced with my roommates Mya hookah. Here's my setup, if it helps.

Nammor oasis hookah with ice bucket thing
Nammor hose\
Vortex bowl
Starbuzz or romman shisha
Two coconara coals
Heba diffuser

Any help or advice with my hookah would be greatly appriciated!
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