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Default Local Vendor, wow. Just terrible.

I posted a thread earlier saying I was going to consider a local vendor for my first purchase, Well that was a mistake, the excitement almost got the better of me, but I figured I'd be best off to just wait it out and buy online.

Wow. This place is worse than I thought. First off, their entire "selection" of shisha was covered in dust, and 90% of it was a no name tabaccoless brand. I asked to take a look at the smaller hookahs, and it all seemed ok, but it was the lack of knowledge on the vendor's part that drove me away, and the price. She jumped at the chance to explain to me how the whole thing worked, ( I've learned all I need to know from Sambooka, but I thought I'd let her have her fun) but she was sorely uneducated. For someone who SELLS them for a living vs. me, someone who hasn't smoked a hookah at all, she sure emberassed herself in my eyes. The following is a list of what she was showing me vs. what she was telling me;

bowl grommet - rubber bowl stopper
purge valve - metal thing that twists off so you can shotgun the whole chamber at once(this was when i said nuh uh to myself and decided I wasn't buying)
The pin on the ring at the end of the tongs - the stem cleaner.

She was including ONLY the tongs, bowl, hose and grommets with the already inflated $55 price tag. I initially thought it was a MYA QT, but it turns out was just a small pumpkin, wow.

And here's the biggest gouge I ever saw..wait for it...when i said 250g boxes in the OP, I was WRONG. They sell 50 g boxes for TEN DOLLARS A PIECE. Nahkla at that!

needless to say, I'm glad I did my research and found this forum. I'm sure it was a fine pipe for starters, but the price was disgusting.

Thanks, I will be using one of your recommended vendors once I get my job sorted out, and pay back the $300 I owe myself.
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