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Default Re: SB Blue Mist Shampoo Commercial

Originally Posted by sexyghost View Post
You should totally do it! I can see myself fallowing behind you picking up the tobacco pieces that falls on the floor to smoke later.

Did you at least pick it out of your hair and put it back in the tin? common you can say you did.
HAHAHA!!! OMG... That would be so funny yet gross at the same time!!! If you guys really want me to, I guess I could smoke it afterwards and make a video of that too. Let me think about that one! Might be a little too extreme for me. Besides, I'm not trying to steal any thunder from Da True Shisha King: DMC. He's the pro. All hail Diego!!! Love your stuff bro!!!

UPDATE: I'm so bumbed, I went to go buy some Blue Mist today and they were ALL OUT!!!! Noooooo!!! Have to call around to some more places and have them hold some for me. I'm planning on making the video on Thurday and editing it that night. I'll have it up by Friday afternoon at the latest. Happy smoking!!!
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