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Default Anyone else STILL waiting on SS samples?

I was originally really excited to see this new contest put together with Social Smoke, especially since the get together happened at their place. There have been a lot of good reviews, and I have been thinking about ordering from them, but their high price point, my current cash situation, and not wanting to be disappointed have prevented me from doing this.

Then the contest comes along, and there goes any matter of uncertainty. So back on the 7th I sent them an excited e-mail with all my information, requested flavors, and a thanks for supporting the HP community. I have yet to hear anything, and have not gotten the shipping confirmations many people got.

After a while I think that maybe my e-mail got lost in the deluge of e-mails they are probably getting, so I send another on the 19th. Still nada. I've seen lots of people get their first and even second packages, but nothing here.

Anyone else STILL waiting on anything from Social Smoke, or am I the only one??
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