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Default Re: Reccommendations for the gf! Help :/

Originally Posted by Francine View Post
Well, Nakhla buzz can be hard for some to get used to. They also have some amazing flavors, worth investing in. So, here's what you do. Wait till she falls asleep. Then, put a small amount of dip under her lip and make a bowl of any Nakhla tobacco. I would use Earl Grey. As you smoke, blow the smoke at her face. You will want to smoke at least three bowls per night as she sleeps and exhale all the smoke in her direction. Do this for several weeks and in no time she will have built up a tolerance to the amount of nicotine and will ask you to buy only Nakhla. There is a small chance she will start to crave dip, but that is a risk you will have to be willing to take.

ahahahaha! funniest shit i have heard in a while
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