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Default Re: Anyone else STILL waiting on SS samples?

Originally Posted by Coyotero View Post
Honestly dude, I understand your frustration, I feel it myself, mine has taken a while too.

But keep in mind, they're sending you FREE tobacco. And not a crappy little plastic baggy full, they're sending you 300 grams of tobacco for FREE. That's about $33 worth of tobacco for round one, totally free of charge.

Gifthorse, meet mouth.

Seriously, send a PM or another email if you're concerned that your order got lost.
I expected this response, and it's not undue. I made this thread for two reasons, firstly to vent a bit, and secondly to see if I was really the only one having this issue, or if it is widespread.

Like I said earlier, I have been wanting to try their stuff, and this is a smart way for them to introduce their product into a fairly saturated market segment, especially since it is a relatively high cost option. The lack of other people replying with the same issue shows that my experience with them so far is not indicative of the company as a whole, which is what I was hoping for.
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