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Default Re: Smoking Ban in Michigan

And they wonder why the Michigan economy is shooting downhill like a runaway rollercoaster . . . politicians . . . I was led to believe that as long as your business income was at least 80% from tobacco and/or tobacco related products that you could maintain the status. However, the removal of all food related licenses is new to me. That really sucks. Just one more reason why, as soon as I am able, about two years down the road, I am heading out of Michigan as fast as I can and not looking back . . . I say, let her fall. The MI gov is gonna absolutely kill any possibility of this state ever coming out of the financial mess it's in anyway. I mean, come on . . . the small business tax that what, only MI and a couple other states still pursue . . . just one more reason to NOT do business in MI. Seez ya.

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