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Default Re: How much $$ have you spent?

After reading all these ridiculous numbers. Im starting to think many people here may have the same problems as me. I dont know what it is, but I just find the value of the 250 g tins to be so worth it that I always go ahead and buy these tins mostly basing just off of reviews and smell, half the time I end up kinda dissappointed and just kinda let all this stuff pile up... i have ridiculous amounts of shisha right now (at least 3 kilos), yet I feel the need to continually buy more in my seemingly never ending quest to try flavors (at what I think are good deals... but I cant wrap my head around the fact that alot of it will just go to waste). I bought 10 things of evolution herbal 50g not too long ago, tried a couple flavors, decided i didnt like the stuff and now have unopened mini jars just laying useless in a box. just had my gf order me 750g of fusion and my friends gonna be gettin me an order of at least 4 250g tins of Social Smoke here in a bit. wtffffff i need help.
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