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Default Re: How much $$ have you spent?

Originally Posted by cdplayersony View Post
After reading all these ridiculous numbers. Im starting to think many people here may have the same problems as me. I dont know what it is, but I just find the value of the 250 g tins to be so worth it that I always go ahead and buy these tins mostly basing just off of reviews and smell, half the time I end up kinda dissappointed and just kinda let all this stuff pile up... i have ridiculous amounts of shisha right now (at least 3 kilos), yet I feel the need to continually buy more in my seemingly never ending quest to try flavors (at what I think are good deals... but I cant wrap my head around the fact that alot of it will just go to waste).
I do the same thing of buying randomly but I get 50gs if at all possible unless I've tried the flavor before. It's a bit cheaper and gives me a chance to see if I actually like it before I stock up. I have a footlocker full of shisha atm (~4-5 kilos) and it continues to grow like some weird thing you found in the back of the fridge. I've also noticed that if you binge buy, you tend to (overall) cut down on the money seepage, but it seems like alot in the moment of purchase. If you buy $100 of shisha at once, you freak and don't buy more until it's gone or it's been awhile. If you keep buying a pack here, and a pack there, you don't notice how much you're spending.
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