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Originally Posted by Allan View Post
well when i got my new hookah in on friday alvin from HS gave me like 10 coconara coals,and i fell in love,its just that i have used the CH coals before,and this time its messing up my smoke and making my head hurt when i m smoking,and i dont have money to place a coconara order right now,if i could i would,i just dont know what to do XD
Ya... I used to be a big supporter of that charcoal because of their convenience and cost efficiency but I am an honest person and the quality was never top of the line and it has only gone down hill form there. The last two boxes I used ranked just above silver flint and off brand QL charcoals on my ranking list. Just to clarify those two are the bottom rung. The CH nats seemed to smell much more when lighting than I remembered and were randomly giving a coal flavor during he session that was really unpleasant. The QL... well we all know how they smell... and they were always worse with adding flavor than the nats were.
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