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Default Re: Local Vendor, wow. Just terrible.

Originally Posted by Hajo Flettner View Post
How else can one explain the mountains of Chinese knock offs, goldfish hookahs, camo hookahs and the other piles of junk people shell out real money for?
doesnt make sense that i got my camo hookah from a arabic market. at least it was only 20 dollars.

im not sure if there is a hookah craze going on or not but from what i notice, there are idiots everywhere. not just in the hookah biz but in for example cafes. you ask them, "hey, i want a drink that has the most caffeine", and they hand you a americano. lots of knownothings out there in this world.

most of us here are hookah fiends who log in everyday, constantly think about hookah, fill our heads with so much knowledge that anyone else we meet who knows a bit will pale in comparison to us.
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