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Default Re: Michigan hookah ban bill coming soon near you.

Originally Posted by iMaD View Post
I can understand that some people do not like smoke and yes there should be places where people can sit down and eat without inhaling second hand smoke, for example children and pregnant women. The problem was resturaunts had smoking sections but those weren't really enclosed or isolated so it was sort of useless. Next thing you have to worry about is taxes. I am not a regular smoker but I feel for people who smoke on a regular basis (i.e cigarettes). A pack of Marlboro now cost $8.5 in the city of Chicago.
You are missing the point. In the U.S. a right exists in theory which says you something called "freedom of association" and if one takes the time to look into the matter it means that business owners as well the patrons have (well, had actually) a right to be around (or not be around) anyone they choose. In the old days people used to be able to go a place called "the non smoking section" if they wanted to be free of smoke. Likewise people that hated smoke had the option to attend restaurants owned by people that hated smoke and didn't allow it in their establishments. In other other words people got to do what suited them and be around the things they wanted to be around. These days if you own property (say a business) that is open to the public you can't decide to allow smoke in which means that you don't really have property rights.

These days no one has the right to be around tobacco in public because would be commissars have decided that their political agenda matters more then your rights of freedom of association.

In some areas of the states smoking is banned within 10 more feet of public buildings meaning that for all practical purposes you can't legally smoke outside. Other places ban smoking public parks. In some ares you can't smoke in duplexes or apartments by law. If you ever get into a custody battle and you smoke you stand a huge chance of losing your kids when all other things are equal.

The commissars have also have decided that since they don't approve of our use of legal products that they will tax them to such an extent that they can't be afforded by normal people. I recall that at one time Americans rioted and went to war to end taxes far lower on tea and stamps at a time when the tax burden was tiny portion of you face today. Clearly, Americans don't really care very much about freedom anyone more since it's just a bromide rather then something people understand or will fight for.

The fact that the American economy is melting down doesn't matter to the commissars. That is obvious when you think about the jobs lost in the tobacco sector and loss of sales tax revenue so in the end ideology trumps economics and your rights.

As to second hand smoke, well basically the science behind it is about as credible as the science behind the piltdown man (look it up!) but politically motivated. If you want to read up on check some of the material i've cited on the subject. I guess I could re-post some of it if the interest exists.
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