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Default Re: starbuzz problems

Originally Posted by wildmancherry1 View Post
I didnt really like the code 69 by starbuzz much, but there are many SB flavors that i really like. It does get kind of old hearing people trash starbuzz because alot of people enjoy it and its what I would call trendy. but either way they make some decent stuff. sorry if u dont like it but Coyo, we have heard you opinion numerous times we all know you dont care for starbuzz and its chemical taste(which ive never got from sb).
The guy asked an honest question, so I gave my opinion based on personal experience. Sorry if that conflicts with your world-view. If you really get this butthurt over what people on the internet say about your favorite tobacco, then I don't know what to say.

I have an opinion and I'm entitled to it. A newer member is dissatisfied about a brand that I myself have been dissatisfied with in the past, so I feel it is only fair in the spirit of the community to point out to him that there may be nothing wrong with the tobacco in question, perhaps it just isn't for him.

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