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Default Re: bad coals?

Originally Posted by Allan View Post
looks like i caused a fight on hp to happen over something so stupid

OK LOOK,in my videos i had before and after he was ban'd i said i liked the,hell in myy unboxing of my hookah when i got the coals i think i said i loved the coals,i had a 48 pc before and i loved them,i only posted this to ask for help and i got it,which i think everyone for,now,this is the first coal problem i have ever had,and i only said i disliked this batch only because of how it effected me,plan and simple,now why would i buy the coals to just cause problems on HP about it -,.,-,do i like the coals yes,would i buy them,yea ill get a 48 pc again just to have as back up,now i never had coconara coals before in my life and with my hookah i was given some,and yes i like them better then the CH coals right now,why?,because they ash great,didnt make my head hurt or pop when i was lighting them like this batch oh CH coals,i have 108pc of them so yea

SamB and MOD's reading this,if this thread started to get the slightest out of hand,please just lock it,i dont want this to cause a problem that it looks like it already started to do
Hey man i wasnt referring to you, i just ment in general how things changed
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