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Default Re: Stupid question on proper windcover usage!!

I've made my own windcovers. For my small Mya bowl I use a simple soup can that is thoroughly cleaned, then drilled with 5 3/8" holes around the perimeter of the top of the can. Also drill three to four 3/8" holes down into the top of the can. A handle can be attached by simply soldering a small braid or twist of two or three wires and shaped to your liking, then paint the external surface with high temp paint to decorate it however you want. For my larger bowls a small, 11.5 oz coffee can does the same thing. Just add a few more holes around the perimeter of the top of the can and a few more in the top as well to allow for adequate ventilation and you've not only made a nice windscreen but you've recycled! Whooo hoooooo . . . green screens . . . hmmm maybe there's a silly marketing idea there! Smoke happy.


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Looks like you got all the responses i was going to say. (: Don't mean to thread jack but what windcover does everyone use on their KMs? I don't really feel like shelling out $25 for that quad metal one.
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