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Default Re: Stupid question on proper windcover usage!!

There are no stupid questions.

There's a lot of responses already, but for what it's worth, here's what I do. I use my wind cover when I'm smoking outside to keep the breeze from burning my coals too fast. But, since a wind cover also amplifies heat, indoors I use first thing to get the bowl started. Maybe 1 - 2 minutes. As soon as the smoke is thick, I remove the wind cover and immediately take 2 - 3 hits. Then I let it rest a little and resume smoking at a normal rate. Once the coals burn down to about 50%, I replace the wind cover to make up for the heat that's since dissipated.

When I'm indoors, unless I'm near an air conditioner or an open window with a cross-breeze, I don't use the wind cover. If you use a wind cover to try and use fewer coals, you're still going to be stuck with a shorter session. Because, say you want to only use 2 coals on a standard phunnel bowl, once those coals have burned down half way, even with the wind cover, there probably won't be enough heat to keep it smoking satisfactorily. Once they burn down you'll still need that third coal.

I think the best way to use fewer coals is to use a small bowl that doesn't require so much heat. Maybe a small mya bowl or something. Or, my recommendation is the new Mini Alien bowl which only needs two coals without the wind cover, then when it's added later to recover your heat, it continues smoking as you'd want.
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