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Default Re: Michigan hookah ban bill coming soon near you.

Originally Posted by iMaD View Post
I mostly agree with you except for the part about the smoking section in food establishments. Segregating 2 or 3 tables in the corner and calling them smoking section was a joke. This is like when airlines had a smoking section in the back rows. After a couple of hours into the flight the whole plane smells like cigarettes. I'm not againt smokers cause I think I can be called one but the smell of cigarettes makes me wanna throw up. The other thing is "Sin Taxes" on alchahol, tobacco and gambling are the easiest to pass and usually they hit the lower income population the hardest.
Not to mention the fact that some people are allergic against somke, people have asthma, and second hand smoke causes cancer.

However, banning smoking in a hookah bar that serves food is just plain idiotic. If you're scared of second hand smoke, why eat at a hookah bar, a place where more people come to smoke than eat?
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