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Question A Simple Hookah Question..

Hi everyone,

I am new here.. I will post a more introduction in a little while but I have a question..

I just bought my new hookah. I am new to smoking in general. I can't stand cigs, cigars are little better but not by much. Pipes I have used at least once month for the past 4 months. Then I was introduced to the Hookah by a brother in law. Went out to a Hookah bar and fell in love with it. My first Shisha mixture was a 50/50 Jasmine/Rose. Knew I needed to buy one.

So I finally got mine and of course my wife is fine with me having one but does not want me to do it in the house. We have fundy baptist family members. Anyway, someone recently told me that Hookahs fall under the Federal Drug Paraphernalia Statute and I could get in trouble for possession one. As defined by the Drug Paraphernalia Statute as [FONT=Arial, sans-serif]"(2) water pipes;"

So my question is am I going to get in trouble or harassed or worst arrested for using a Hookah on my front porch using only Shisha.

So what saith you?

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