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Default Re: How much $$ have you spent?

Introduced to hookah sophomore year of college so 2003-2006.
Myself and one roomate splitting costs for those three years probably $1000 including shisa, coals and two hookahs both egyptian 1 hose and a 3 hose.
Upon graduation, my roomate took the main rig- time for me to get a new one. custom SS hookah- dont remember what it was exactly- all I know is that I was not happy with it. Now im rolling an MYA which, i know is chinese, but i really enjoy it. Since graduation id say another $1000 up to present day.

So id say $2000 in TOTAL. Not bad, considering some of the numbers ive read being thrown around here! Holy Crap 9-10,000$$$?!? Outrageous. But if you can do it- who cares, if youre happy!
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