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Unhappy Newbie Doubts

Hey, ive recently came back from Tunisia, and i've enjoyed the hookahs over there.

well i've already had a hookah at home that was brought back from tunisia has well has a gift, its about medium sized.

Anyway i started reading around trying to get it to work properly, i had to find a bearing for the valve since it was missing and i've ordered a syrian hose for it has well has a coal cover.

i've tried lighting it a couple of times but the results are a bit meh..

this time i tried using Nakhla cherry , i cooled the bowl for a while in the fridge since i didnt have any ice handy and i used a Lyalina Charcoal - Natural Charcoal that i broke off into 3 smaller pieces to place over the cover in a triangular pattern.

i lighted the charcoal on the stove until it was ashed all over.

after checking that everything was ok and well setup i filled the shisha up to the rim of a normal ceramic bowl with the coal cover on it i placed the coals and waited about 2 - 3 minutes before pulling, but i got almost no smoke and it was very harsh.

Regarding the shisa i used, it was bought in tunisia in one of the medinas, the package looks kinda old so i thought maybe the tobacco was the problem since all ive tried smoking so far are naklhas bought in my trip.

the shisha seemed a bit dry and i get the idea from reading around that it should be wetter ? is this my problem, the quality of the shisha im using ?

thank you for your attention and has long has im asking whats everyone's opinion on cover vs foil and phunnel vs traditional bowls ?

also is there any way to guarantee youll get more flavour out of your tobacco ?

i live in portugal and shisha culture is still pretty niched around here so quality stuff is hard to find..

thank you !
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