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Eu sou portugues tamben. Where are you in Portugal? I just planned my trip for this summer too!

As far as your problem goes, your tobacco sounds like the issue- you said the packaging looks old and therefore, the tobacco could be as well. When you say coal cover, do you mean windscreen? I would definitely get some wetter tobacco but im not sure how easy that would be considering youre overseas.
How small of a piece was your charcoal, because they may be too small also.
3 charcoals and a windscreen should be sufficient in getting some good pulls- maybe even too much! Id suggest the larger pieces of charcoal and no windscreen if youre indoors. I dont use the aluminum plate for my charcoal- the norm pretty much is using tin foil also.

Theres a great hookah bar in Aveiro right in the center of the town on the river- if youre close to Aveiro that is.
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